Having issues logging in?

Having issues logging in?

You may be having an issue with your login process. Make sure you have correctly logged into your account to access ALL exercises. Also make sure you have not mistakenly selected a specific filter, so that you may view full access.

As far as the chronology of the exercises, you can select "Warm Up" from the "category" filter, and run through the exercises. Then choose "Building up" in the category, and lastly, "Cool Down." These features are available in our desktop and mobile version and follow the guide as if you were in a private lesson with Ron Anderson.

In our VR experience, you will follow the system through each planet which will guide you through complete training of the voice. You will also notice that the classification of each exercise is listed next to each planet.

We recommend using the OculusGo, available here: Buy OculusGo  
Please refer to this link  Log in and Exercise Troubleshooting

Always remember consistency is key! 

Sing Well!

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