My purchase no longer works with new iPhone and iPad OS

My purchase no longer works with new iPhone and iPad OS

We are genuinely sorry for the confusion with the Apple App; we no longer service the previous app, it was developed in conjunction with another company that we no longer are in partnership with.

This new progressive web app  PWA  outshines the old Apple app.  If you purchased the Voixtek app via iTunes recently, then please contact iTunes for a refund directly. 

The new Voixtek transcends the old app and brings you into our new mobile and desktop Progressive Web App system as well as the VoixtekVR (to be used with an OculusGo). Here you will not just have audio, but you will have enhanced instructional videos and a vivid depiction of the body’s internal mechanism, along with Voixgram, our new interactive voice analyzer, and how it should work in unison to create the relaxed proper technique for optimal singing ergonomic mechanics. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial and experience the warm-up exercises in its new form and instructional videos, as well as a platform where all your questions can be answered FAQ

This new platform goes beyond a simple app. The new platforms will provide a safe haven for the members to learn their instrument diligently to a proficient level. It is an immersive experience offering a more structured educational system, to grow, master, and keep your voice intact forever as a singer. This site will give you Ron’s proven methods of singing, as if he was instructing you himself, with the flexibility of doing it on any device, anytime, anywhere. 

The exercises can be repeated until mastered and for regular practice. This is a system based on quality instruction. The exercises are great for warming up on the go. To prevent overuse of the voice for the novice and hobbyist as well as being the best tool for professionals. We are all about health and safety while singing.   

The  Gold Plan  will have more exercises and enhanced features that will guide you and score your progress in each exercise. The more advanced artist should upgrade to the  Platinum or Diamond Plans (Access to both mobile and VR platforms) Membership Plans . These will have more features and be a more intense workout.

Always remember consistency is key! 

Sing Well!

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